About Kiki and Bree

about Kiki & Bree

How I arrived at a company devoted to twin
clothing, gifts for twins and sharing advice for
multiple birth families

In those blissful newborn days when I was able to have a peaceful breakfast (they really were that good then!) I decided against switching on the TV one morning and enjoyed the time to actually think. It came to me how lovely it would be to have a catalogue dedicated to complementary clothing and twin-related products. Well a year later, packed full of a business start-up course, planning well into the night and, of course, babies, the catalogue has become a website and Kiki & Bree has arrived.

There are very few cards on the market celebrating the birth of twins (we received a few the same and some doctored ones too!), so I sourced two highly talented artists, Jo Askey and Ana Aceves, who have produced a gorgeous range of original cards in celebration of this extra special of arrivals. The gift list enables family and friends to indulge parents in beautiful, practical and desired gifts at this momentous (and expensive) time and is the only one of its kind.

While most days you’re probably just happy to dress your twins in something clean, clothing in ready-made pairs that complement in terms of style/ design/ colour is a unique new concept for something special and something different. It doesn’t come naturally for me to dress my two identically; they’re individuals and they suit different colours and styles, but they’re twins too and complementary clothing embraces their individuality and their twin status.

The clothing and gifts I eventually arrived at for Kiki & Bree are of exceptional quality and detail, and are anything but ‘run-of-the-mill.’ All decisions have been made from an ecologically conscious stance and I’m using organic, recycled and biodegradable products where possible. My main supplier is a fair-trade organisation in Ghana that produces stunning products that are different yet don’t alienate and, having seen it first-hand, the ethos, the people and the products are all quite special. Many of these products are not available through any other company in the UK.

I hope that after a challenging day with your babies you will be able to take refuge in this website as a source of support, advice and humour from those who know. My babies suffered from terrible eczema from four months leaving them too distressed to do little else but scratch and cry. After a day caring, soothing and distracting I would have welcomed the opportunity to switch on and, in doing so, switch off. Kiki & Bree through its funny slogan clothing (coming soon!), adorable sets and advice and tips is here for a bit of light relief.

As miraculous and special as multiple babies are, there’s a staggering amount of hard work involved in raising them that first time parents cannot possibly comprehend until it’s upon them. During my pregnancy I naively believed that once we experienced the newborn stage, life would become a lot easier. If you’re expecting twins be aware that the first eighteen months is pretty intense. However, while still a lot of work it really does get easier and every day is coloured with priceless moments that truly does make it all worthwhile. Your stamina will surprise you and don’t let anyone tell you it’s life over with twins. For me, girls in tow, it’s only really just begun.

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