Best Things About Twins

I’ve talked about the hard work, this time I want to focus on all things good about twins. There are some fabulous benefits that are exclusive to us parents of multiples. Think about this long list of wonderful things about twins when times get tough.

  • Being exactly the same age it is truly fascinating to watch them develop alongside each other and compare their personalities and strengths. You would never have this in the same way with siblings because you just wouldn’t remember exactly what they were doing at a particular age. My two couldn’t be more different and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t marvel at how well they are developing but how incredibly differently. You too will get to enjoy what they like and dislike, what they are good at and haven’t yet mastered, the people they are drawn to – it’s fascinating.

  • They can help each other with their learning. My twins were around 12 months before they crawled properly, but within days of one mastering it, the other quickly followed. As 2-year-olds now, I hear them in their bedroom practising what they’ve learnt like going through the colours and if I’m asking questions about what they can see within a book, they’ll correct each other!

  • When one child is winding you up, you can take solace in the other one!

  • They have a bond that very few of us get to enjoy. From the moment of conception, they’re sharing! They are sensitive to each others’ moods and will comfort each other when upset. They kiss, they hug – there will be moments that will tug at your heartstrings.

  • From around 20 months they can entertain each other and have a constant playmate which can take the pressure off you as a parent/ carer. My two will happily chat across the cots for at least half an hour when they wake. I can’t imagine a single baby would be so content.

  • One baby is cute, two are good enough to eat! You can have fun with their clothes, mixing and matching.

  • Most people want more than one child, we need never go through morning sickness again! Those difficult early stages need never be re-visited. Certainly for the first few years, it really does get progressively easier.

  • The birth of one baby is amazing, two feels like a miracle. If you’re fortunate enough that everything goes smoothly, you’ll be on ‘cloud nine’ for weeks. Those first few months are truly amazing and while it’s exhausting too, it’s fleeting, so enjoy every minute. You may have another baby one day, but you’re unlikely ever to have twins again. Drink in this incredible experience with your multiple babies.


Now I would love to hear some of your ‘best things about twins.’ When expecting, the prospect can be really quite daunting, so for those who’ve ‘been there, done that’ please share what you love about being a parent of multiples and help join me in celebrating all things twins. Please enter a reply below or email


Best Things About Twins — 2 Comments

  1. The joy of that double smile in the morning! No matter how tired I am that first grin from both my girls gets me every time.

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