Double Buggy Tips

nipper 360

The ‘Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360′ double buggy. Ours has traveled several miles daily since my girls were just a few months old (they needed motion to sleep during the day and still do!) They are now approaching three and it’s still going strong. I know many families who work their way through a good few buggies. At under £300 it isn’t hugely expensive like some models, it’s light, easy to maneuver and it’s robust. From my experience, a good investment!


Double Buggy Tips — 2 Comments

  1. I had an umbrella fold type double buggy too until I met a lady in Costco with the Baby Jogger. I agree with the previous person its been the best thing since sliced bread! Nice and light, really easy to fold – especially useful when you have two flying off in different directions! Sabreena, Mum to nearly two year old Nadia and Yasmin

  2. I’m one of those people who has worked their way through a good few buggies (with a good few disaster stories to boot!!), but have finally found one I am totally happy with. The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is suitable from birth and I’m confident will take my boys right up to three or four years old (depending on how lazy they are!). I have taken it everywhere! It fits through standard doorways, is very easy to manoeuvre, looks stylish and is very easy to put up and down. I paid £280 for it and, in my opinion, it was worth every single penny!

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