Interview with ‘Designed for Twins’

Can you explain the idea behind Designed for Twins and how it can help parents?

Designed for Twins is a place for parents of twins to review and recommend any products, that are designed for twins, to each other. This includes double buggies – our most viewed category – but also toys for twins, large playpens, large changing bags, books about twins, plus products that can help when taking twins out, feeding twins or bathing twins and lots more.

It’s also a great website just to see what products are available in the UK that can help make life with twins that little bit easier. We are always researching the market for new and innovative products that have been designed for twins. And we always provide a link to the supplier, Amazon or eBay so parents of twins don’t need to spend lots of time trying to find the product online.

When I was pregnant with twins and when they were first born, the advice and support I received from other parents of twins was so amazing. So I felt sure that parents of twins would find our site a useful and valuable resource.


How old were your own twins when you started developing the business?

IĀ  started my own marketing and website businessĀ last year when my twins were three. It was at this point, that I decided to create


What challenges did you face launching a business whilst raising twins and how did you overcome these?

Trying to run a business around your children is challenging but very rewarding. I waited until my twins were three and so at pre-school each morning, however the challenge really begins during school holidays. That’s when my working day starts at 8pm when they are asleep and often finishes after midnight. There are no two ways about it – it’s exhausting!


Was there one piece of equipment you found invaluable with newborn twins?

Well it has to be my Out n About 360 double buggy. I live in a beautiful village in the countryside which has very few pavements so having an off-road double buggy that could be taken on farm tracks and gravel paths meant I could leave the house (where I often felt trapped) and go for lovely long walks – in all weathers!


What do you love most about being a twin Mum?

I’m so proud of being a twin Mum. I really feel like our lives are part of a special club that Mums with singleton babies will never fully understand. So the bond with other parents of twins is something I really love. But I also love just sitting back and watching my three year old son and daughter play and chat together – they definitely have a unique bond that other siblings of different ages don’t have and it’s a joy to see.


Do you belong to a twin club and if so, has it helped?

Yes I belong to East Herts Twins Club. I first took my twins there when they were five months old. It was a real struggle to get out of the house early every Tuesday morning but just being around other Mums that were experiencing the same difficulties as I was helped enormously. It was not only good to ask parents of older twins how to do certain things, but it also helped my state of mind which was not in a great place during the first year! I would definitely recommend joining a twins club.


What advice would you give to parent/s struggling with baby twins?

Every parent of twins struggles with their babies in the first year so you are not alone. Life does get easier – you just have to look at all the amazing twin parents that have started their own business to see that it’s still possible to have your own life and be a great parent of twins at the same time. You can read about some great twin parents on our website to give you some inspiration and hope


What are you most looking forward to (that’s exclusive to twins!) as your twins develop?

They already have a very strong friendship and I can’t wait to see how their bond develops as they start school and beyond.


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  1. I’m with you about the ‘Out n About 360.’ It’s a great buggy, not too expensive compared with others and robust. Ours lasted us from 0 – 4 years and managed some serious mileage in that time! I will confess we had to change the tyres a few times but we worked ours far harder than most! It’s not too heavy either – an important consideration as they get older.

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