More Time-saving Tips From You

  • Get grannie to help out as much as she can!

  • I used to wind my babies simultaneously with one in my arms and by rubbing the back of the other baby while she lay on her front. The wind comes up very easily in the latter position but ensure you do not leave your baby alone in this position.

  • Podees – the self-feeding bottle for your babies!!! Through a dummy and tube type attachment, even newborns can feed themselves.

  • My twins have just started pre-school nursery, so at the moment my time saving tip would definitely be to make lunch boxes and pack nappy bags the night before!! For me, it’s a life saver!

  • When toddlers, put their shoes on while they are in their highchairs or car seats to save you running after them!

  • The bath seats that recline double-up as great feeding seats. I would put my twins in them when they were little and they were at just the right angle and position to hold their own bottle.

  • Have several bottles ready with cooled boiled water in so you can easily add the formula and warm up when required.

  • On-line food shopping that gets delivered to your door!

  • Accept any help that is offered to you from friends and family. Washing-up, holding a baby, making up feeds, a friendly ear… all helps.

  • Re-pack your changing bag when you arrive back home ready for the next time you leave the house.You’ll be grateful when you are next dashing out!

  • Join a local twin club while they are still tiny and it’s all new to you. It will be worth it for all the advice and support from people who’ve been there.


More Time-saving Tips From You — 2 Comments

  1. Your post, More Time-saving Tips From You – Kiki and Bree, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

    • That’s great to hear. Thank you for taking the time to comment. There will be plenty more to come so please do keep checking the website for more handy tips! Very Best Wishes

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