Time-saving Tips

I could never have prepared myself for the unrelenting hard work required to raise two babies at once. Never did I fully consider that a whole hour to indulge myself in a bath or a book would be a rare luxury. There is always a job to be done. Never could I have understood the logistical nightmare of preparing to go out for the day with two babies. And neither did I consider that all jobs would be carried out with an underlying degree of stress…..the food takes forever to heat with crying babies in the backround and you just can’t make it around Sainsbury’s quick enough with babies in tow (and even if they’re not crying, there’s always the threat!)

In my child-free days a colleague with children was once telling me she’d had a whole hour the previous day to lose herself in her book which pleased her immensely. I remember finding this so depressing – I mean, what’s an hour – and she was grateful for this?!? Now the closest I’ll get to this will almost certainly involve making animal sounds or lifting flaps! So my request to you are your best time-saving tips to get through the changing, the sterilising, the feeding, the weaning, the entertaining, the cooking and the cleaning. Tips, short and sweet please, to share@kikiandbree.com or click on the link below. While we wait to hear from those who’ve mastered the art, here are some of my top tips:

  • Try combining bottle and breast feeding. While Mum is feeding one, Dad (or whoever can help) can feed too. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked a treat for us.

  • Synchronise your babies as best you can.

  • When on solids, cook food in large batches and freeze in trays. Vegetable and meat stews work wonders.

  • Have a changing station upstairs and another downstairs.

  • Be as ready as you possibly can. You don’t want to be fiddling around reading manuals once they’re here!

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