Useful links


There are a few organisations dedicated to twins that I have been in touch with, whilst pregnant and throughout the last 5 years. I have listed these below and some other sites that you may find interesting and useful.

Twins Store Logo
Founder of twins-store Nigel Sanders, was extremely supportive when I started Kiki & Bree three years ago. A great website for your practical needs and twins’ equipment.
Designed For Twins
A website devoted to reviews of twin products. Designed For Twins is a great place to quickly establish how other twin parents rate the equipment available. I wish this was in existence when I was shopping for my double buggy; would have prevented me quizzing each and every double buggy owner I encountered when pregnant!
Join a community of twin parents, share ideas through the forum and receive discounts on essential items for your twins by becoming a member of Tamba.
Twins Club
Find a local Twins Club in your area where you can discuss the highs and lows of twin parenting or just enjoy some adult conversation and a hot cuppa.
I enjoyed a magical day out with my twins at Pulborough Brooks. The environment is stunning and we set off armed with binoculars, a microscope and a bug checklist! It’s a fabulous place.
Seven Sisters
If you live in the South East or fancy a day trip, Seven Sisters is breathtakingly beautiful. Hope Gap, just around the corner, provides a great spot for rock pooling.
Child Friendly Brighton
I often look at the calendar on Child Friendly Brighton to find out what’s on for kids and, being Brighton, I’m always spoilt for choice. Great to have the month’s activities, at a glance and all in one place.
ABC magazine is a really useful resource for learning about playgroups, after-school activities, kids’ products, health and more and all centred around your local area. Plus, it’s free!
Not On The Hight St
Not On The High St is a huge on-line store packed full of unusual, original and often hand-made gifts for you and your loved ones.
Kate Slater
Kate Slater is the creator of the unique and adorable appliqued clothing pairs for Kiki & Bree.
Creator of some of this country’s finest soul music, Omar is a great influence for musicians worldwide. He produces music with longevity and sounds even better live. Just been awarded an MBE for services to music (and is Daddy to my twin girls!)
Be Ready To Parent Be Ready to Parent is run by Dr Ella Rachamim, paediatrician and mother to three (inc twins). She works with a team of experienced professionals including a midwife, a breastfeeding counsellor, a babycare consultant, a women’s’ physio and more. They provide antenatal courses and paediatric first aid training, specific antenatal workshops for those expecting more than one, postnatal support and workshops and training days on postnatal depression and caring for twins or more. Their aim is to empower new parents to know when things are going well, to recognise when things could be going better and to know where to go to get help and support. They want to help new parents enjoy their first few weeks of parenthood and feel confident in their own parenting. Please have a look at the website for up to date course information as well as resources, articles and links you may find useful. Do get in touch to find out about course availability and to ask any questions.